EACOME Profile

Eacome has been established since 2002.We are conference phones, video conferencing systems, echo canceller manufacturer and conferencing phone solutions provider. For 14 years, Eacome has achieved outstanding success in audio conference phone,VoIP conference phone,audio processor,video conferencing system and cloud platform conferencing solutions.

Eacome has a growing loyal customer base. And we're proud of our reliable service and equipments record with most of our global customers renewing and supporting us year after year.

We are enthusiastic and keen on EVERY business opportunity we support and every sale we are engaged in.


Company Overview

Founded: July 2002

Customers: 15,000+ worldwide

Headquarters: ShenZhen, China

Partners: 500+ worldwide

Global Footprint: 76 agencies in 20 countries

Employees: 80

Eacome’s History: 14 Years of Innovation


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted and valuable business partner to all

of our clients, constantly adding value to their business in the areas

of technology efficiency and return on investment. We focus on product

development,service delivery.


Five reasons to choose Eacome


1.Committed and passionate about customer service, and your complete satisfaction ensuring all client and partners' requests are handled professionally and efficiently,act upon feedback to constantly improve our services.


2.Provide complete and professional support. Our engineers each have a minimum of 15 years experience building robust and secure communications infrastructure including video and audio conferencing end points, allowing us to offer a complete boardroom and meeting room solution for you.Not incentive/sales driven, we always aim to provide the right solution.


3.Among all the competitive brands,we could make excellent function and quality, keeping extremely advantageous price.


4.Accredited with a number of leading material suppliers with ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality assurance.


5.One year Warranty. If you'd like further details, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.