S350 HD multi-function conference phone, can achieve multi-party conference call without any platform

2017-08-08 16:34:05 eacomee 3

S350 conference phone maximum value is that can be used simultaneously in analog telephone lines and video or computer voice network, multi-party calls, and can support the mixer and external amplifier and other audio equipment, a multi-purpose, with a very practical and wide range of uses.

S350 without any equipment can achieve the four-party conference call, it can not break the traditional conference phone direct multi-party call function, but also a new change in the conference phone, which can be very convenient to quickly open the four-party conference call, without the help of telephone conference platform, Save time. Through the USB connection to the computer can also hold a video conference, you can also mobile mobile conference, the other party through the PSTN to connect the other end of the conference call, which is now satisfied with the daily business of some small meetings.


Since the birth of audio conference telephony products more than 10 years ago, business meetings and corporate communications have undergone tremendous and long-term fundamental changes. Now, the audio conference phone has been used as the basic communication tool of various conference environment organized by various types of enterprises. It has many kinds of value devotion of quick deployment, convenient and flexible communication and substantial compression of service resources. It plays a role in communication decision-making and education and training. More and more important


Since the introduction of the first conference call V series in 2003, the United States has been tested by 12 years of technological innovation and professional market, ushered in the birth of the latest generation of conference calls, the latest products fully qualified in a variety of conference environments and various types of communication The internet.


Create a more realistic meeting experience

The latest generation of conference calls by the United States and the use of high-definition voice technology, with a wider voice bandwidth, low-frequency and high-frequency voice can be completely realistic presentation, the participants into the face-to-face like the exchange, very smooth and natural.


Microphone acquisition distance and coverage

Make sure that the other party of the conversation hears every participant speaks that the sound volume is clear and clear.


Intelligent automatic search

Application of automatic search to the microphone, the ability to intelligently identify the location and direction of the speaker, thus adjusting the microphone

The wind more accurate point to the spokesman, reduce the room reverberation to enhance voice intelligibility.


Effectively suppress room background and ambient noise

Use two-way noise cancellation technology to reduce room and line noise. Effectively suppress the interference of the surrounding mobile phone.


Use simple and efficient

Due to the United States EACOME conference calls are using a unified design, friendly man-machine interface style easy to understand, easy to connect and install.