Product Detail
Speakerphone SV11
Brand: Eacome
Type: USB/Bluetooth/Wireless
Technical Parameters



Speaker phone for individual, small group use. The SV11 connect to PCs for rich, full-duplex audio communications and can be used with VoIP softphones, Web collaboration, instant messaging and any other applications requiring two-way audio via USB. A perfect addition to the offifice or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration.

Feature Highlights

  • Echo Cancellation,Noise Suppression and Automatic gain control.

  • Microphone coverage: 3 meters, 360 degree range

  • Exquisite and small,it's convenient to carry.

  • Conference calls via USB connection.

  • Support all kinds of Web Conferencing:IBM Workplace,Microsoft Live Meeting,WebEx,etc.

  • Support all kinds of VoIP Softphones:Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Mirial,etc.Support all kinds of Internet Telephony:Google Talk, Skype, Lync,Vonage,etc.Support all kinds of Instant Messenger:QQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo,etc.Support earphone mode and could hold a private communication with it.Speaker volume up to 80dB.Support a variety of system:WinXP,Win7/Win8/Win10,Mac OSX,Android .

  Technical Parameter


  • Echo Cancellation

  • Noise Suppression

  • Automatic gain control


  • Microphone frequency response:100Hz-7KHz

  • Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-22 Khz

  • Microphone coverage: 3 meters, 360 degree range

  • Speaker Volume: up to 80dB

    Network Interface

  • USB B type

  • One earphone 3.5mm jack

    System Requirements

  • WinXP,Win7/Win8/Win10,Mac OSX,Android

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