Product Detail
Speakerphone S310
Brand: Eacome
Type: USB/Bluetooth/Wireless
Technical Parameters


Eacome conference phone/microphone S310 series is a full-featured conference phone. Powered by theinternational advanced SonicClear IV HD-voice processing technology, automatically adapting in 48KHzfull-duplex echo cancellation and different voice bandwidth audio and video conferencing systemsaround the world, it's contributing in conference calls that sound as natural as being there. Any timethere will be no noise at both sites or multi-parties. With highly stable and reliable acousticperformance, S310 creates a more realistic and joyful experience in conference phone calls for users.

Conference microphone S310 doesn't need USB or line in/out connection, communicated by thewireless transmission of signal,which will simplify conference room cabling and connection and achieveefficient video and web conferencing.

Conference microphone S310 support bluetooth, suitable for mobile or Laptop,easily achieve speaker-phone conference or web conferencing.

S310 also can connect to an external communication device with cable, connect with PC or other videoterminal by USB or line in/out, and can communicate by mobile with line in/out connection.

S310 series can support bluetooth, USB and Line in/out communication at the same time. With mixingaudio technology, you can easily hold a 4-way conference call.

S310 has 4 inner uni-directional microphones which can gather over 3m and inner high loudnessrubidium boron rare earth speaker. S310 series is suitable for medium and large sized professionalmeeting rooms above 20 square meters.

The conference microphone S310 can also be used for larger professional meeting rooms, the venuebroadcasts usess external sound system such as TV or amplifier, the S310 is used as a microphone withecho cancellation.

Feature highlights

Wide-band acoustic echo cancellation with HD-voice , dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and intelligent microphone mixing.

Best for conference room within 20-60m and supports within 20 attendees.

4 internal uni-directional microphones gather cover 3m.

2 external microphones gather cover 5m.

Support wireless transmission, doesn’t need any cable connection

Support bluetooth, can achieve speakerphone conference

Support USB VoIP and suitable for PC, video system, UC communication.

Offer an auxiliary audio port that allows for external devices to connect to the conference phone.

Support 3.5mm jack for Mobile phone call.

Built-in 3-way conference.

Collaboration: bridge USB VoIP call and Mobile call together very conveniently.

Speaker volume up to 90dB, 12 levels adjustable.

4 Line LCD display with ivory white backlight.

Convenient and rich function: conference, hold, mute, etc.

Environment and specification:

Reverberation Time: < 0.5s.

Noise Degree: < - 48 dBA.

Power Requirement: AC input: 110/220V£¬50/60Hz£¬12W.

Working Temperature: 0°C-50°C (running).

Humidity: 20%-85%.

Network Interface:

DC Jack

USB B type

Two 3.5mm jack IN/OUT,AUX

Two RJ9 connector


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