SIP VoIP and USB Conference Phone IP600

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EacomeVoIP conference telephone IP600 is equipped with the internationallyadvancedSonicClear IV HD speech processing technology. Thismodel is designed for SIP VoIP and USB VoIP environments, with uniquefeatures that take advantage of the various types of telephoneenvironments. You can easily combine and switch between these to create a multi-party phone conference with various telephony platforms. With a very stable and reliable acoustic performance, these productscreate more realistic and joyful experience in the telephone conferencefor users.


Withthe conference telephone that has dedicated so many connectivity, youcan simply hold a 3-way SIP conference circuit in the IP network, makinga conference circuit between video conferencing system via USB portusing IP PBX system. It can replace several conference phones and simplify the conference room layout. It is undoubtedly a broader telephony platform for remote collaboration.


IP600is equipped with four-in-one unidirectional microphones and twoexternal microphones, resulting in microphones that can collect 5 meterswith more high-definition voice quality. They provide an additional audio port to connect to external speakers, so it will increase the speaker range. Therefore, these products are suitable for various environments, such as larger conference rooms, medium-sized meeting rooms.


Feature Highlights

● Wide-band acoustic echo suppression with HD speech dynamics noisereduction, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and smartmicrophone mixing.

Best for conference room within 20-60㎡ and supports audio teleconferencing within 15 participants.

4 inner unidirectional microphones accumulate over 3m, 360 degree range.

Support two extension microphones that collect over 5 meters.

Support VoIP communication network, SIP2.0 protocol.

Supports 3 independent SIP accounts.

Built-in 3-way multi-party VoIP conferencing, supports USB connectivity and multi-party conferencing.

Support USB, designed for video conferencing system, multimediacommunication system, UC unified communications platform, VPN platformetc.

Collaboration: integrated VoIP network, USBVoIP multi-partyconferencing, can extend videoconference or web conferencing to an IPconference call.

Supports audio output to the amplifier and mixers, expand the roomcover options to meet the requirements of the larger meeting rooms.

Speaker volume up to 95dB, 16 levels adjustable.

128 * 64 Full Dot Matrix Graphic LCD display with ivory white backlight.

Display multiple languages, support Chinese and English.

Integrated Web GUI for configuration and deployment.

Convenient and powerful phone function: call forwarding, call hold,call, call pickup, call history, redial / quick dial, mute, hold, do notdisturb function, flexible setting features for many users.

Powerful phone book function: Save 140 entries including name, number and any message.



Audio technology

DSP based deep echo suppression> -65dB, 500ms.

Bidirectional noise reduction> -18dB.

LEC> -25dB, length 32ms.



Microphone Frequency response: 100Hz - 24KHz.

Speaker frequency response: 100Hz - 24KHz.

Microphone cover: built-in 3 meters, extended 5 meters, 360 degrees range.

Volume of the speaker: up to 90dB.


Audio specification

Voice Frequency Response: 100Hz-24000Hz.

Language codecs: G.711a, G.711u, G.729a, iLBC, G.726.

Broadband voice codec: G.722.

Supports DTMF loop through, RFC2833 and DTMF SIP info to transmit DTMF beep.

Adaptive jitter buffer

Silence suppression and comfort noise generation.

Packet loss cover.


Network Interface

An integrated 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet port, supports 802.1 p / q

USB B Type

Two 3.5 mm jack IN / OUT

Two RJ9 connectors


Network Protocol

SIP RFC3261 fully compatible

HTTP / FTP / TFTP for centralized automatic provisioning

RTP RFC3550 / 3551, RTCP RFC1889

SNTP for time synchronization

Built-in NAT traversal and DHCP server

Firewalls and NAT traversal with periodically refreshing SIP registration


Phone features

128 * 64 Full Dot Matrix Graphic LCD display with ivory white backlight.

22Keys: Menu, Left / Right, Selection, Handsfree, Redial, Mute, Transfer, Volume Up / Down, Alphanumeric 0-9

LCD menu function: Multiple menu functions.

Built-in web GUI for configuration and deployment.

Time / date, call status, call history.

Built-in phone book.

Call forwarding, call hold, call, call acceptance, call transfer.

Built-in 3-way call.

Supports calls directly from the phone book.

Do not disturb the function and the private key

Define a variety of cases of call forward, busy forward, no response forward, forced forward.


Environment and specification

Reverberation time:<0.5 sec.

Sound level: <- 48 dBA.

Power requirement: AC input: 100 / 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 12W.

Working temperature: 0 ° C-50 ° C (operation).

Humidity: 20% -85%.

Security / Certification Specifications: 3C, FCC, CE, RoHS.