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Enterprise Conference Phone Solution

Issuing time:2019-07-25 14:30

It is often seen that there is confusion in the selection of unit conference calls, often hovering between video conference system and audio conference system.

Here is the difference between them: when choosing a conference call, the organization needs to choose whether to call video or teleconference according to its own needs.

1.The video conferencing system has its limitations. For example, the general hardware video conferencing system is only used at the city. When you want to use it, you have to make an appointment. The county, town, township, and village can’t not to use.

2.Video conferencing systems are inconvenient. For example: meeting outside the department and outside the system.

3.Geographical limitations. For example, in some remote areas and underdeveloped areas, video conference calls will be seriously affected by power outages.

High cost.

Advantages of the teleconferencing system:

1. The conference call has high flexibility. Hold a conference call anytime and anywhere, especially in dealing with emergencies. The emergency response speed of the conference call is the fastest and most secure. The user does not have to have professional equipment, computers, networks, etc., as long as there is a phone call. Yes, whether it is a mobile phone or a landline.

2.Strong ability to handle bursts. In the case of some power outages, video conference calls are often not available, and conference calls are a good complement to this. In particular, some industrial and mining units and emergency unit meetings are very important.

3.low cost. All selected units of the conference call solution need to be equipped according to the actual situation, especially some conference calls that have an emergency.

At the same time, because the Eacome conference call can also be integrated with the video conference and venue system to realize a real video conference call, and the conference call can also be used independently of the video conference, because Eacome will be the conference communication guarantee equipment of the government and other departments.The conference calls for the conference call and video conference and conference system integration of the conference are: VoiceCrystal G2 series, VoiceCrystal P simple computer conference phone, VC100 series and so on.

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