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What is a cloud conference?

Issuing time:2019-08-22 15:46

Cloud conferencing is an efficient, convenient, and low-cost form of conferencing based on cloud computing technology. At present, cloud conferences are mainly used in teleconferencing systems, web conferencing systems, video conferencing systems and other forms of services. Cloud computing-based conferences are called cloud conferences. Cloud conferences have been widely used in video conferences. It enables a perfect combination of conference calls, web conferencing and video conferencing, allowing businesses to enjoy anytime, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of the service.

Cloud conference features

1.Save costs. The cloud conference provider centralizes some data transmission, processing, and storage, making the user purchase equipment very low.

2.Online upgrade. Because Eacome latest conference phone supports cloud technology, it can realize the online upgrade of the conference phone, so that the product is constantly updated to the best state.

3.Share resource. Cloud conferencing enables global conference sharing, and merchants undertake user complexity operations, making remote conferencing easier.

4.The cloud conferencing system supports multi-server dynamic cluster deployment and provides multiple high-performance servers, which greatly enhances conference stability, security, and availability.

5.Cloud conferencing is security. In the cloud conference, since the customer data, data and other information are processed by encryption, even if it is stolen, it is garbled.

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