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Conference call terminal

Issuing time:2019-04-15 10:00

Audio conference phone application

The audio conference phone is also called the voice conference phone, and its essence is the conference phone. Similar to EACOME, there are F series, V series, G2 series, VC100 series, IP300 series, ip400 series and so on.

1. Audio conference call It can solve the problem of conference call and solve the problem of multi-person use of an audio conference phone to save costs.

2. It mainly realizes voice conference, but cannot solve video conference call. Video conference call can connect video through USB conference call or connect video conference through VOIP mode.

3. The sound of the directional microphone is completely filtered out by the directional microphone, which is clear, stable, bright and true, and completely solves the problem of the voice of the conference call.

4. Audio conferences include several major technical noise cancellation, echo cancellation, full-duplex, omnidirectional conference microphones, and automatic gain control.

5. Compared with mobile phones, mobile phone communication is easy to produce echo, when we listen carefully, it is easier to hear, and does not have duplex function, easy to be interfered, can not automatically adjust the volume, easy to be disturbed by surrounding noise, etc. The mobile phone can only be added to the conference call by the individual, and if the user is speaking at the same time, it is unclear that the full-duplex function is not available.

6.The operation is relatively simple, only need to plug in the power, plug in the PSTN line can be connected, you can dial the number to access the conference call.

7. Stable and reliable. He does not want video conferences to be more susceptible to network and equipment. It often performs audio backup in video conferences, and uses conference call mode to hold conferences when the network is unwork.

Hangzhou conference phone

Can call the conference call in Hangzhou? In Hangzhou, you can purchase teleconferencing equipment, you can contact the Internet for unlimited time, you can play the following long distance free of charge, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou. Hangzhou Conference Phone IP conference phones use IP teleconferencing systems to dramatically reduce communication costs and make internal calls free. However, to realize free calls between the branch office and the headquarters and to ensure the quality of calls and unified management, you need to recommend the IP network multimedia communication system of ZED-3 Technology. Not only can meet the above functional requirements, but also can support more personalized services such as conference video transmission, voice mail and so on. How can customers in Hangzhou and foreign countries have the cheapest conference call? Conference Calls Users outside China generally have three ways to enter the conference call:

1. Call the tollfree toll-free number from a foreign country to enter the conference call. This method only requires the host to pay.

2. Call local toll from a foreign country to join the conference. This method has to pay for both hair.

3. Directly dial domestic long distance access to your conference call. This method is very expensive. Recommendation: Full-time conference calls, because they have local access numbers in many countries abroad, and opening a conference call is inexpensive.

Incoming Hangzhou Conference Phone Sales Point announced: Hangzhou Huajun Trade

AddressRoom 2-302, Block 5, Cuizhuyuan, Lanshan Apartment, Shanglan Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China Hangzhou Hualuo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address5/F, No. 1413 Moganshan Road, Hangzhou

If you want to become an Eacome Hangzhou conference phone agent, please contact us. If you need to buy a product, you can click on the conference phone product to choose the right product, then contact us. Our product quality and warranty issues can be found here.

Shanghai conference call

As a fast-growing corporate office in Shanghai, the conference call has been procured by many small and medium-sized enterprises. Participants in the conference, no matter where they are, the host can participate in the conference as long as it belongs to your conference communication tool number in the conference list. The conference participants can speak at the same time and talk freely. Uses: The Shanghai Conference Call is suitable for various meetings such as management summary meetings, emergency seminars, project seminars, training consultation meetings, regular routine meetings, and information gathering meetings. Value: The conference call meets the communication needs of foreign companies, group customers, governments and branches, improves work efficiency, saves time travel expenses and communication costs, and is the first choice to meet the high efficiency and low cost office requirements of modern enterprises. Wainhouse Research, an independent research organization for professional conference services in the United States, is known for its expertise and authority. Wainhouse believes that a good teleconferencing service provider should have four aspects: service quality and stability, ease of use, price, and full service.

Each selection condition has multiple considerations:

(1) Quality of service and stability: 1. Legal operation license 2. Decentralized deployment in China 3. Localized customer service 4. Professional communication network 5. High-quality audio effects

(2) Ease of use: 1. Fast meeting initiation process 2. Multi-language support 3. Professional application products 4. Quickly query historical conference multimedia records

(3) Price: 1. Phone + web Bundle price 2. Local participation access number 3. International call payment service 4. Provide various price packages such as monthly and on-time payment

(4) Full-service: 1. Customized conference call service 2. In addition to the conference call, does the operator provide data and video conferencing services? Income meets the above standards.

Detailed Eacome Certificate.

Eacome to the Shanghai line of conference products manufacturers, including Income conference calls, multi-party interactive teleconferencing system (teleconference bridge), conference call terminal, VoIP conference terminal, you can customize your teleconferencing system.

Eacome US official Shanghai conference phone sales point announced: Shanghai Vision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 16A, Building 1, Huayuan Building, No. 3500 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai, China Ding Hao Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1606, Yucheng Building, Lane 1283, North Shaanxi Road, Shanghai, China Shanghai Hao Office Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1102, No. 82, Lane 25, Jiangchuan South Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China Shanghai Jiehui Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 517, Building 1, No. 2006, Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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