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S310W can support the 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth function whichwill simplify conference room cabling and connection and achieve efficientvideo and web conferencing. Its' wireless reception distance up to 10meters.With mixing audio technology,you can easily hold a 4-way conferencecall. S310W also can connect to an external communication device with cable,connect with PC or other video terminal by USB or line in/out, and cancommunicate by mobile with line in/out connection.


1. Support multi-party meeting. Best for conference roomwithin 20-60 and within 20 attendees

2. Accept 2 external microphones which extend sound coveragefrom 3m to 5m

3. Support 2.4G wireless function (wireless reception distanceup to 10 meters). Support bluetooth and USB VoIP and suitable for PC, videosystem, UC communication

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