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Interactive teleconferencing solution

Issuing time:2019-11-13 10:22

An interactive conference call is a teleconference system that supports a large number of parties. Usually, multiple parties can reach more than 30 parties.

   Common interactive conference calls mainly include: Unicom, Telecom, Eacome, and full-time operators.


Interactive teleconference features

1、Need to support multi-party teleconference system, usually need to support large-capacity calls of more than 30 parties.

2、Need to have scalability, such as the current 30 party conference call and then increase 20 parties, the system can directly achieve 50-party conference calls.

3.The teleconference system has a controllable operating system, including conference call reservation, management, authority assignment, and random speech.

4、Have a good way to participate, can guide participants into the conference room

5.Services to maximize the flexibility, can increase functions, increase scalability, and increase the number of parties in a multi-party call according to user needs.

6.Whether it is an interactive conference call or a traditional conference call requires access to the device, the majority of enterprises use conference phone access.

Interactive teleconferencing solution

In fact, an interactive conference call refers to one of the multi-party calls. Usually, we use a conference phone to access the multi- party call system to implement a conference call. Detailed reference:How to make a conference call.

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