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How does QQ make a conference call?

Issuing time:2019-06-06 15:11

With the development of mobile Internet, smartphones are becoming more and more popular. We are using various convenient apps such as QQ, WeChat, Taobao, Alipay and so on. Many people are using mobile QQ. If you use QQ for conference calls, the experience is very poor, the call is not clear, and the hands-free effect is very poor, so it does not meet the requirements of many corporate conference calls.

How to use QQ to conduct a conference call must be triggered by our needs. First, we need to have a good pickup effect and pickup distance;Second, we need to be clear about the quality of the call. For the above two requirements, it must be used with the full microphone device. The omnidirectional microphone is also called the conference microphone, which has good pickup effect and call quality.

But how to choose the omnidirectional microphone correctly? Click for more information.

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