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2019 USA Communications Products Exhibition

Issuing time:2019-06-19 10:15

The annual American Communication Products Exhibition will be held in Orlando, USA, with more than 400 exhibitors to show the latest products and development trends in this industry. It is a global professional wireless communication event.

The exhibition provides an important channel for wireless communication skills and business opportunities for buyers and professionals in the wireless communications industry, such as public safety, transportation, mobile communications, and IT industry. This exhibition is also a very important platform for companies to open the US market. The US Communications Products Show attracted 500 exhibiting companies and the number of merchants reached 7,000.

During the exhibition, more than 100 business cards from manufacturers were collected. Every day, there were agreed customers / manufacturers visiting the booth for product communication services. A total of 48 people participated. Finally, two VA500 and VA230 ( an audio-visual conference solution) and three PSTN / VoIP conference phones were successfully sold on booth.

The number of visiting manufacturers and the number of contracted customers are both 10% higher than the previous exhibition!

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