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Speakerphone SV11U

Meetingroom: small
Model: SV11U
Connection: USB
Brand: Eacome
Technical Parameters


Exquisite and small, Sound clarity

Speaker phone for individual, small group use. The SV11 connect to PCs for rich, full-duplex audio communications and can be used with VoIP softphones, Web collaboration, instant messaging and any other applications requiring two-way audio via USB. A perfect addition to the offifice or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration.

SV11U can connect it to your PC, tablet and turn any location into a conference room. Eacome SV11U is the perfect solution for conference calls with its compact, intuitive design and outstanding sound quality. It can be set up to take calls or stream multimedia within seconds thanks to a plug-and-play solution. Simply connect to the internet using via a USB cable and you are ready to dial in.

The high quality audio sound and 360-degree microphone enables everyone to hear and be heard from all angles across the speakerphone. But that’s not all – you can also use Eacome SV11U for listening to your favorite multimedia with crystal clear clarity.

Eacome SV11U lets you multitask on your terms – take the speaker with you, connect via USB connection and have full control over your calls directly from your chosen device. Get empowered and make a difference at the office or on the go.

Key Features

· Set up a conference call in seconds

· Conference calls via USB connection

· Great sound for calls and streaming multimedia

· Connects to your PC, tablet

· Easy to use with dedicated volume control, and mute buttons

· Plug and play

· HD Voice for conversations in high definition sound quality

· Compatible with Windows Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Office Communicator

· Compact and portable design


Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Network Interface

USB Mciro type

One earphone 3.5mm jack


Echo Cancellation

Noise Suppression

Automatic gain control



Microphone frequency response:100Hz-7KHz

Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-22 Khz

Microphone coverage: 2 meters, 360 degree range

Speaker Volume: up to 80dB

System Requirements

WinXP,Win7/Win8/Win10,Mac OSX,Android

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