Product Detail

Speakerphone SV13W

Meetingroom small
Model SV13W
Connection Wireless/USB
Brand Eacome
Technical Parameters

The SV13 is an innovave and professional speakerphone which can support USB,Bluetooth or 2.4G wireless at the
same me.Powered by the EACOME innovave DSP technology, the SV13W create a realisc and natural experience
conversaon for your business requirement.Using the EACOME newest conferencing system,the SV13W is so
powerful and easy to operate.Regardless of your locaon and meline,you can enjoy the conversaon anyme and
anywhere.The SV13W is so stylish,smart and compact that it is ideal for open workspace, huddle rooms,home offiffiffices and travel.

Feature highlights

● Wide-band(48K sample rate) acousc echo cancellaon with HD-voice, dynamic noise suppression, automac
gain control, voice band equalizaon and intelligent microphone mixing
● Built-in mulple high-sensivity microphones 360-degree pick-up,gather cover 5m
● Support 2.4G wireless transmission, no need any cable connecon
● Cascading: support up to 3pcs SV13 cascading,available for more a@endees and larger meeng room
● Mul-party collaboraon: bridge mobile call,USB VoIP call and video call together conveniently
● Speaker volume up to 86dB, 16 levels adjustable
● Available to plug any headset to make private conversaon in open environment
● The gorgeous and clear LED is very helpful to know all working status and operaon

Network Interface

DC Jack

USB B Type

Two 3.5mm jack IN/OUT, AUX

Two RJ9 connector

Environment and Specification

Reverberation time: < 0.5s

Noise degree: < -48 dBA

Power requirement: AC input 110/220v, 50/60Hz, 12W

Working temperature: 0°C-50°C (running)

Humidity: 20%-85%

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