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How to apply for a conference call

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:02

After purchasing the Conference Phone, the next step is to start applying for the conference call service (also called teleconferencing platform, multi-party call platform, etc.). After the application was completed, a teleconference system was formed.

There are two ways to apply for a conference call.

One : Telecom, China Unicom teleconferencing service platform.

The other : multi-party call platform (Eacome multi-party call platform).

1. Telecom multi-party calls, Unicom multi-party calls, as long as the call charges, follow the prompts to open the application for conference call services can be achieved, the operation method is very simple, only need to dial the access number, follow the prompts to participate in the conference call.

2,   Eacome multi-party call platform. You only need to apply for the conference call business in advance, and then pre-store a certain amount of call charges. If you open an account within 5 minutes, you can use the account to log in to the multi-party conference call platform, and you can start calling the conference call. The method is very simple. The most important thing is the powerful, combined video and video conferencing.

3. Realize the conference call through the network form. With the Income VOIP teleconference machine, you don't need to open the relevant teleconferencing service, just plug in the Internet cable to realize the free conference call through the network.

To apply for a conference call, you need to pay attention: the process needs to provide relevant information, and then the process is very simple, because Eacome can apply for a conference call within 5 minutes.

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