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Multiparty call

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:08

Multi-party calling is a multi-party online voice call realized by various means. It can realize real-time online communication in multiple parties and in different places, mainly used in business meetings, emergency handling, remote training, distance education, etc. Typical implementation methods such as conference calls.

Common multiparty calls:

1. How is the conference call held?

For questions about the conference call, please refer to: How to open the conference call.

2.How to achieve multi-party calling?

Free: QQ, skype, etc., can teach simple multi-party calls, but only for personal entertainment free of charge. However, stability cannot be guaranteed.

Charges: conference calls, etc. This is a more traditional and stable multi-party call method, mainly used for business collaboration, so it will charge a certain service fee, such as a professional service provider such as Eacome.

3. How to use a mobile phone to achieve multi-party calls?

There are two kinds of multi-party calls on mobile phones. For details, please refer to: Multi-party calls on mobile phones.

4. How to charge SKYPE multi-party calls?

SKYPE standard tariff * N party, if you talk to 1 party if you charge 0.1 yuan per minute, call with N party is charged every minute: (0.1 * n) / minute.

5. How to charge per minute for multi-party calls?

Call conference fee calculation formula: [number of calls (N) - 1] × call duration (T) × fee charged per minute for the user = conference call fee

(N-1) × T × The fee charged per minute for the user = the conference call fee. If you are not sure, you can refer to it: the conference call fee and how to charge the conference call.

The telecom multi-party calling party charging rule charges the corresponding local call fee or long-distance fee/minute*minutes* number of people according to the package. Usually, this mode is not used, and the telecom multi-party call is too expensive.

6. How many parties can support multiparty calls?

In principle, multi-party calls can reach up to 3,000 square meters. Common within 300 squares.

7. What is the difference between multi-party calls and conference calls?

Teleconference is just one way to achieve multi-party calls, such as QQ, skype, video conferencing can also achieve multi-party calls. Cost and stability are factors that are considered by the average person.

For example, QQ and skype can realize a multi-party call for a few people and are free, but they are much worse in stability and business applications. The partiality of the conference call makes up for this, but it will charge the corresponding service fee.

However, some domestic service providers have already introduced a way to combine the two. For example, the Eacome conference call allows you to switch between traditional conference calls and VoIP.

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