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What is a multi-party conference call? The difference between a multi-party conference call and a mu

Issuing time:2019-10-17 15:54

Many people confuse a multi-party conference call with a multi-party conference call. Anyone who knows knows the essential difference between the two. First analyze from the definition between the two, what is a multi-party conference call? The so-called multi-party conference phone means that the conference phone can support more than three parties' conference calls without the need of any multi-party call platform. A multi-party conference call refers to a conference call held by multiple parties. It includes a conference call and a multi-party call (or conference call system platform), and sometimes also refers specifically to a multi-party call platform.

From the definition, it is not difficult to see the difference between a multi-party conference call and a multi-party conference call: the simplest understanding is the difference between a conference call device and a multi-party call platform. On the other hand, it can also be analyzed that the conference call device and this conference call The difference before the system.

At present, conference calls do not need to rely on the platform to support multi-party calls. The traditional conference calls rely on multi-party call platforms to implement multi-party conferences. Many people ask what role does a conference call play in a conference call? I have already introduced it in many places. Let me briefly talk about it. It only takes one party for multiple people to participate in the conference at the same location, because multi-party conferences are charged according to the number of parties, which can greatly reduce the cost of conference calls. At the same time eliminate the fatigue of the meeting, think about it, you do n’t need to take the phone to answer the call, you only need to do a meeting in the conference room. At the same time, the conference call can eliminate the echo and noise generated by the conference call, and it also has full duplex and automatic benefits. To ensure that the conference has a lot of interference from the outside world, the conference effect is greatly improved. At present, Kemei has E350 high-definition conference phones that can support four-way conference calls composed of mobile phones, USB connection computers, and PSTN lines. For connection details, refer to the E350 multi-party conference call equipment.

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