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What is Speakerphone

Issuing time:2019-10-17 15:54

The speakerphone is mainly used in conference phone products, so we usually use it as a conference phone. You can also use a computer to connect to an Internet conference call, or you can use the headset interface to connect to a mobile phone or mobile phone to achieve the effect of a speakerphone and microphone hands-free calling device.

Main features of speakerphone:

1. The speakerphone can be equipped with different types of microphones according to the size of the conference room. There are speakerphones suitable for different ranges of use in the conference room, such as 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, and 6 meters. It is almost the same as the conference phone. For details, please refer to the article Multifunctional Conference Call Terminal. It details the conference room used by different types of conference phones. The speakerphone has a 360-degree distance, which is suitable for how many people participate in the conference.

2. Realize audio backup in the video conference system. The video conference mainly depends on the network. Many unstable factors of the network, such as interruption, instability, and failure of the video conference terminal, etc., and the speakerphone uses the traditional PSTN phone. Wire mode communication is currently the most stable method, so speakerphones are often used for audio backup.

3. The speakerphone can realize the speaker's sound level, and the distance between the person and the speakerphone can be automatically enlarged or reduced automatically. This mainly depends on the algorithm of the DSP chip, which mainly includes noise cancellation, echo cancellation, full duplex, and omnidirectional. Conference microphone, automatic gain control and other algorithms.

4. Noise cancellation. It can eliminate noises other than people's speech (for example, the noise of the air conditioner's whistling), and can also optimize loud speakers according to the size of the speaker's voice, and dilute and reduce the low sound.

5. Echo cancellation. You need to ensure that the speaker s voice is transmitted, and at the same time, do not send the speaker s voice back from the speakerphone of the other party. Usually, you can hear the echo when you call the mobile phone carefully, mainly because the mobile phone is short, so it is not very obvious. The speakerphone is usually 2 meters to 6 meters away. This ensures that the smaller sound is picked up, and the sound from the speaker cannot be transmitted back to form an echo.

6. Full duplex. Talking voices can be transmitted in both directions at the same time, instead of waiting for one person to listen and speaking. Wait for one person to speak before the other.

7. Automatic gain control. When our speaking voice becomes smaller, the speakerphone at this time will not become smaller as the voice becomes smaller, nor will it become smaller as the distance increases.

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