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8-party teleconferencing solution

Issuing time:2019-10-17 22:57

There are three common conference call system solutions:

1. Conference bridge + teleconference phone.

2. Telecom, Unicom + conference phone.

3. Multi-party calling platform + teleconference phone. The following is a more in-depth introduction, focusing on the second detailed introduction of the 8-party conference call.

8-party teleconferencing solution

1. Conference bridge + conference phone solution. Since the conference bridge is charged on a per-party basis, all to save costs, choose an 8-port conference bridge (select the EVS3080 professional multi-party conference bridge). According to the number of participants, the size of the conference room, choose different Eacome conference call machines, Eacome reference table teleconference terminal.

2. Telecom, Unicom + conference phone solution. The telecom + teleconferencing phone China Telecom 118166 to make multi-party calls according to voice prompts, and supports up to 8 parties. Unicom (Tietong) dials 96020228 for multi-party calls, with a maximum of 256 parties and 30 speakers (if more than 30 parties are speaking at the same time, the conference is restricted). Telecom and China Unicom (Tietong) are charged according to normal calls. Then, according to the number of participants and the size of the conference room, choose different Eacome conference phone, Eacome reference table teleconference terminal.

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