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Based on the traditional PSTN multi-party conference system solution

Issuing time:2019-10-17 17:49

PSTN's traditional multi-party teleconferencing system is the most widely used teleconferencing solution in domestic enterprises. It mainly adopts the multi-party calling platform provided by the teleconferencing company and purchases its own multi-party conference hardware equipment.

Their main differences are:

Conference service company platform

Company self-purchasing hardware conference platform

No need to buy multi-party hardware devices, only occupy one outside line

Need to purchase multiple hardware devices, may occupy multiple external lines

You may have to make an appointment in advance the meeting. Call stability is not good for self-purchasing equipment

Self-owned equipment, ready to meet, more free time

To charge a monthly rent (annual rent), or to add an audio fee

Calling standard telecom charges

Poor confidentiality

Strong confidentiality

The service company has a risk of bankruptcy and has a certain risk of rent loss.

No uncertain risks

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