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How to set up group telephone?

Issuing time:2019-05-16 17:32

Many people asking how to set up the PBX. Different ways to set up the PBX brand are different.

Let's take a look at the general PBX setup steps:

1.Generally speaking, the switchboard picks up the machine and hears the internal dial tone; first enter the programming state: the switchboard dials the input number, and it enters when it hears the sound after input.

2.Select the function to set the extension number, the code needs to be confirmed according to the brand, you can use the phone to enter the code, then you can only hear one ring, then enter the port number of the specific extension (port number refers to the inside of the program-controlled switch) Port number, one port per phone), for example, enter port 15 on port 15 and enter *, the number * cannot be lost.

3.then enter the number you want to set, such as 8011, then enter 8011, press the * button to enter the next part of the machine after the input, also enter the port number, after all settings are completed, press #Save settings.

Note: Many group telephone company will provide specific setting methods. If no business is required.

How to set the self-recorded ring tones on the PBX

Take the recorded ring tones into the group switchboard. There are two ways to do this:

1. Play the ring tones with your computer and speakers. Then record the recording port of the group switchboard and record it to the speaker.

2. There is a data cable to download the CRBT to the group switchboard. In this way, the ringtone sound works best, no noise (this setting method is generally recommended).

How to set up the fax machine in the group phone

1. Set the fax machine to extension, the fax machine sets to receive automatically, and sets the ringing tone.

2. When you go to work, set up faxing by manual transfer.

3. The switch sets the night service function. After the work, the night service function is manually activated; all the calls are transferred to the fax machine at night.

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