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Polycom conference phone prices

Issuing time:2019-10-16 17:33

Polycom conference phone prices in the market are relatively expensive, this can be from Zhongguancun Online, Pacific, Tianji, bubble network, etc. Polycom conference phone prices are more than 3,000-10,000, conference bridges generally in the tens of thousands to 100,000. Video conference systems are generally more than 100,000.

Polycom conference phone price characteristics:

1. Expensive. It is currently the most expensive conference phone compared to other brands.

2. The quality is relatively stable. At present, Eacome conference phone products are quite stable.

3. Polycom has a serious problem. Because Polycom has passed many channels before it can be sold to consumers, the warranty is convenient and takes a lot of time. Once the phone has a quality problem, it takes half a month to help you complete the warranty .

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one response to Polycom conference phone prices

Advantages: Among the conference phones sold by our company, the call quality is the most stable.


1. With non-full-duplex technology, only one party can speak, and the other party cannot hear, which is similar to a walkie-talkie.

2. Distorted far-end sound.

3. The cost-effectiveness is too far from the conference call.

4. The warranty is unmanaged. The repair time is too long and the meeting is delayed.

Summarizing is not a wise choice for conference phones, especially the unattended warranty, and the problem is particularly untimely.

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