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Video conference camera

Issuing time:2019-10-16 17:33

  Video conference camera is an important part of video conference terminal. The video conference camera can be connected to video conferencing codecs, computers, televisions, video recorders and other devices with video input interfaces.

Main feature:

1. With high sensitivity, can take high-resolution images.

2. Since most video conference cameras support corners, it can greatly improve the viewing range compared to cameras.

3. Camera lens image processing function is very strong, can provide very clear images.

4. The video conference camera can be controlled by wireless remote control, and the camera range is fully controlled to ensure the content that needs to be ingested.

5. Flexible. The fuselage and the rack can be separated and upgraded online, the focus can be automatically focused, the aperture can be adjusted automatically / manually, and the white balance can be adjusted automatically (also can be manually set according to the scene environment).

Video conference camera installation:

1. Place the video conference camera on a horizontal plane as much as possible, or on a bevel with a small angle.

2. Do not twist the camera with too much force, otherwise it will easily cause malfunction.

3. Install on a tripod. Tripod screws need to be in accordance with relevant standards.

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