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Unit conference phone solution

Issuing time:2019-10-16 17:34

It is often seen that the unit selects the unit's conference call, and often lingers between the video conference system and the audio conference system. Here are the differences between the two:

When the unit selects a conference phone, it needs to choose whether it is a video conference phone or a conference call according to its needs.

1. Video conference systems have their limitations. For example, general hardware video conference systems are only used at the prefecture-level level, and reservations are required when they are used. The county, town, township, and village levels are blank.

2. Video conference systems are inconvenient. For example: Meeting with people outside the department and outside the system.

3. Geographical limitations. For example, in some remote areas and underdeveloped areas, video conferencing calls will be seriously affected in the event of a power outage.

4. High cost.

Teleconferencing system advantages:

1. The conference call is highly flexible. Hold a conference call anytime, anywhere, especially when dealing with emergencies. The emergency response speed of the conference call is the fastest and the most secure. Users do not need to be equipped with professional equipment, computers, and networks. Yes, whether it's a mobile phone or a landline phone.

2. Strong ability to handle bursts. Video conference calls are often unavailable under some power outages, and conference calls are a good complement. In particular, the conference calls of some industrial and mining units and emergency units are very important.

3. Low cost.

All selected units' conference phone solutions need to be based on the actual situation, especially some conference phones with emergencies must be equipped.

At the same time, Eacome conference phone can also be integrated with video conferences and conference venue systems to achieve true video conference calls. In addition, conference calls can be used independently of videoconferencing. Eacome will be the conference communication guarantee device for government departments.

Eacome conference phones are integrated with video conferencing and conference venue systems: VoiceCrystal G2 series, VoiceCrystal P simple computer conference phone, VC100 series, etc.

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