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Cheapest conference Phone

Issuing time:2019-10-16 17:34

That' s have already mentioned in the conferencing solution and free conference call, here want to talk about the cheapest conference phone in depth to help you save too much money and thus help companies reduce costs.

1. Purchase a teleconference phone. For example, if you have 100 people in the conference and they are located in 6 different cities, if you use a mobile phone or a fixed phone, it means that you need to use 100 machines. Party x communication cost per minute x total talk time. If people from the same branch company are gathered in a conference room and a conference phone is placed in 6 different cities, the total conference call cost is equal to (6-1) party x communication cost per minute x total call time; from here it is not difficult to see that with the same minute communication cost, the larger the number of people, the longer the total call time, the latter will be much cheaper and the cost is very huge, you can see the use of conference calls The machine saves huge costs.

2. Using VoIp phone to achieve "0" call charge, we all know that most of network communication is free; the principle is mainly to use VoIp phone external network cable or connect to the network through USB interface to achieve free, but network communication is not Stability and poor security, you need to use it according to your actual situation. If it is important to use traditional pstn, Eacome's IP conference phone (also known as VoIP conference phone) can use PSTN, USB or traditional telephone line PSTN. The company conference call can choose the appropriate conference call plan according to the importance of the conference to save costs.

What said earlier is to save costs from the teleconference equipment. The following mainly introduces the cost from the teleconference business platform. The cheaper the teleconference operator, the more money it saves.

1. Telecom, China Unicom, and mobile phone conference service platforms are mainly charged at 0.2 yuan per minute per party. Consult international customer service for detailed information on international communication fees.

2. Skype multi-party calls are cheaper. Domestic and international calls are based on 0.39 / minute. If it is used for international conference calls, it is cheaper.

3. Other operators' charges are different according to different operators. For example: Youting charges in China are charged at 0.25 yuan / square meter / minute; Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan (excluding mobile) 0.8 yuan / square meter / minute, etc. Yuan special domestic according to 0.5 yuan / minute / square and so on. Choosing the cheaper way naturally saves costs.

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