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Which is better, video conferencing or teleconference? What is the difference between a conference c

Issuing time:2019-10-17 15:54

Many people have some doubts when choosing a conference call or video conference. Which one should I choose? Which is right for me? Which video conference or teleconference is more advantageous here? What is the difference between a conference call and a video conference? Analyze their differences and their respective advantages.

1. Analysis from the visual effects, mainly through telephone, voice talks. The conference call only hears the sound, just like the telephone. Video conferences can see related files on people and computers, and of course, sounds can also be heard, such as document sharing, data sharing, group meetings, conference recording, electronic whiteboards.

2. Analysis from the stability. Because the conference call is realized through the traditional telephone line (PSTN line), the stability is currently the strongest, while the video conference mainly relies on network transmission, and the analysis from the stability perspective is poor (such as video Conference, interruptions, delays, intermittent audio, etc.). Therefore, in the case of very high stability requirements, you need to choose a conference call.

3. From a functional point of view, video conferences are compatible with video, document sharing, data sharing, group meetings, conference recording, electronic whiteboard and other functions, so there will be more functions than teleconferences, and more functions mean that operations will be more complicated.

4. From the perspective of simplicity and ease of use, because the functions involved in video conferencing are more abundant, it will be complicated in operation, and it will take more time to familiarize with the relevant operating steps, while the conference call is simple and easy to use.

5. From the perspective of price analysis, if the video conference and telephone conference are purchased by themselves, the cost of video conference will be much higher. From the point of view of leased systems, if the PSTN line is used, it will be higher than the video conference. If the telephone conference is taken over the network line, the cost is basically the same, but it depends more on the conference system provider.

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