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The difference between a speakerphone and a conference phone

Issuing time:2019-10-17 15:55

The speakerphone can also be directly called a conference phone, because it is basically similar in terms of functions. The main functions are echo cancellation, noise cancellation, full duplex (no need to wait for one party to finish speaking), reduce meeting fatigue, and high security. Wait. At the same time, they are all 360-degree pickups, meeting the requirements of multi-person use in the conference room. What are the main differences between a speakerphone and a conference phone?
Conference phones are also called
speakerphones. After all, there are some differences between them. Strictly speaking, speakerphones are a type of conference phone. With USB function, it can be used for external video conferencing, web conferencing, connecting to a PC, and can also be used with Skype, QQ and other software. In fact, it is still called a conference phone, but the conference phone with a USB interface is called a speakerphone. All conference phones with USB functions can be understood as speakerphone.
Main features of speakerphone:
Echo cancellation, noise cancellation. There may be some noise and echo in video conferences, web conferences, telephone conferences, etc. This is because the microphones and speakers of general equipment have not been dealt with accordingly. Often we listen carefully to the large echoes and noises of mobile phones and traditional conference microphone speakers. Only in a one-to-one manner, noise and echo are so obvious, and it can be seen that many parties are particularly obvious.
The sound is clear and smooth. Can guarantee smooth sound without echo. Even if both parties are talking, there will not be problems such as breakpoints in sounds and volume reduction, as if the caller is in front of you, and the communication is easy and comfortable. There is no need to speak into the microphone, and the other party's obedience is the same as speaking into the microphone, which is very effective in reducing fatigue in the meeting. For example, traditional mobile phones and telephones need to be attached. Otherwise, the other party cannot hear or cannot hear the other party' s speech. Such great fatigue and remote conference are charged according to the number of parties. Meeting costs.

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