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How many parties does the conference call support?

Issuing time:2019-10-17 15:55

At present, the number of parties in a conference call can be analyzed from two aspects, one is the PSTN line; the other is the network line.
PSTN lines, it mainly depends on cooperation with telecommunications and integration of its own technology. For example, the conference bridge is a good example. The teleconferencing service provider can make multi-party conference calls through the PSTN by purchasing equipment and developing software platforms. Compared with network lines, the number of supporting parties is relatively limited. At present, the maximum number of PSTN lines is within a few hundred square meters. The main affected factors are the factors of telecommunications and Unicom operators.
As for the network line, the network line is completely dependent on the development capabilities of the teleconference service provider and the hardware facilities to support it, such as the ability of the server to withstand it. The other is the developed function. Generally, it can support thousands of parties. Theoretically, Can achieve tens of thousands of squares, the number of squares will not be limited, but currently supports more than thousands of squares. In actual teleconference applications, there are rarely thousands of conference calls, because thousands of conference calls are more cumbersome to manage and more disrupted.
In general, there is no theoretical limit on the number of people, but the more people there are, the larger the noise will be, and the effect will be poor. So in general, it is better to control the number of people in the dozens of parties. When multiple people participate in a conference at the same location, multiple people can be gathered together to make the person become a party. This not only has a good conference effect (but also eliminates the noise and echo of the conference call), but also saves the cost of the conference call. It is also very simple, just need to buy an
Eacome conference phone at one point.

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