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Conference management system

Issuing time:2019-10-17 22:57

The conference management system refers to the actual demand functions such as conference discussion (intercom), voting, election, response, and scoring in the conference room. The familiarity is understood as meeting the needs of the conference call, and making the conference call easier, directly.

Commonly there are conference call management systems and video conference management systems.

Eacome conference call management system: including incoming call, host caller, WEB page management, conference assistant assistance, project implementation plan, remote meeting personalized configuration, Chinese and English bilingual participants welcome registration, In the meeting, process control, voting link assistance, Q&A assistance, post-meeting service report and improvement suggestions.

Conference Call Management System Features:

1. Options give you versatility cabling made easy. Compared to the video conference management system, the conference call is very simple and can be operated without training.

2. Powerful Functions. It is possible to clearly see the status of the participants, and it is possible to control whether the participants are absent or whether the participants participate during meeting.

3. low cost. At present, participants can use a conference call by paying a slightly higher call charge, and no maintenance and other expenses are required.

Video conference management system features:

1. The operation is complicated. Compared with conference calls, the video conference management system is relatively complicated.

2. Powerful Functions. Compared with the conference call, the function is more complicated than the conference call management system, mainly because the video conferencing function is more than the conference call.

3. High cost. The corresponding conference call management system is relatively costly.

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