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Iphone multi-party calls

Issuing time:2019-10-17 22:57

Before we can know about iphone multi-party calls, we can first know the meaning of multi-party calls and common problems. There are two common ways to implement iphone multi-party calls: the first one is Telecom, China Unicom + iphone solution. The second is a multi-party call platform + iphone .

1. Telecom, China Unicom + iphone solution. Telecom + iphone solution, dial China Telecom 118166 to follow the voice prompts for multi-party calls, the current telecommunications support up to 8 parties. Unicom (Tietong) dials 96020228 for multi-party calls, with a maximum of 256 parties and 30 speakers (if more than 30 parties are speaking at the same time, the conference is restricted). Telecom and China Unicom (Tietong) are charged according to normal calls.

2. Multi-party calling platform + iPhone. It is necessary to set up a multi-party calling account, and it will not limit the number of parties. It is very simple to change the number of squares compared to the previous two. If it is a 100-party call, it will be charged according to 100 parties.

Iphone multiparty call FAQ:

Does iphone support multiparty calls?

If there is a conference call, there is no requirement for the mobile phone. The mobile phone is only used as an access device. Any mobile phone can make multi-party calls, and can perform outbound and inbound calls. During the conference, the network management platform and the host can be used to conduct conferences. Management, you can record for free, it is more convenient to use.

How to charge for iphone multi-party calls?

The charge is the same as the conference call charge. For details, please refer to: How to charge for conference calls and conference call charges.

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