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Why use a conference phone?

Issuing time:2019-10-14 00:00

In a conference call, both mobile phones and fixed phones can hold conference calls, so why use a conference phone? The existence of conference phones is of course to solve problems that cannot be solved by mobile phones and ordinary phones. So what are the problems that cannot be solved? The main reason is that multi-party conferences are affected by a large number of parties, which are prone to noise, echo, noise, full duplex, poor sound quality, and audio bandwidth. The conference phone can solve this series of problems and maximize the conference sound quality. Good effect. The most fundamental is that it can solve the problem of sharing a conference call by multiple people, which can help enterprises save a lot of conference call costs.

Why can mobile phones and ordinary phones be satisfied when two people talk, and the sound quality is very good, but it is easy to cause problems in conference calls. In a multi-party conference call, due to the large number of parties, the interference is definitely more affected than the two parties. If noise and echo are generated by each party, the conference cannot be conducted. In a one-to-one two-party mobile phone or landline phone call, if we listen carefully, we will find that the mobile phone will produce an echo, especially in the hands-free state, it will be obvious, especially in an empty conference room, it is more likely Echo, just such a factor may make the conference impossible, so why ca n’t we find mobile phones and ordinary phones without careful listening? That ’s because we usually talk closer to the handset, so we find that mobile phones and ordinary phones usually Speak against the microphone. As long as there are noises around mobile phones and fixed phones, we will be susceptible to interference, and conference calls will be handled accordingly. Audio frequency band mobile phones and ordinary phones are relatively narrow, beyond the range, you cannot hear the sound, such as unable to connect to the large broadband of video conference.

Saving costs is what every business wants to see. In a conference call, using a conference phone can meet the needs of multiple people. It is not necessary for one person to use one party. The conference call is charged for each party. , The higher the total conference call cost. Mobile phones and fixed telephones are basically one person and one person, so they cannot save costs. If the number of parties is larger or the conference time is longer, the difference between the presence of a conference call and the absence of a conference call is calculated.

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