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Skype video call

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:05

   Skype video calls are just one feature of Skype voice calling software. Suitable objects: computer, mobile phone can be.

Advantages and disadvantages of Skype video calling:

1. Skype video calls are only restricted to users who have installed the Skype client.

2. Skype video calls are unstable. Similar to QQ, the screen that is often stuck in the video screen is subject to the constraints of both networks.

3, Skype video call can achieve video calls between mobile phones, but requires a smartphone with a camera function.

4, due to the quality of the call, Skype video calls are similar to QQ video calls, only suitable for personal use.

FAQ about Skype video call

Why is the quality of the skype VoIP call poor?

Answer (the following "A" stands for answer): Skype is actually a VoIP phone, which is often affected by the network. In particular, the 3G network of mobile phones is currently not mature enough.

How does Skype perform quality testing?

A: Can refer to:

How to improve the quality of Skype calls?

A: You can set up a firewall, increase the amount of bandwidth, and use a dedicated phone.

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