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What is a video AV matrix switcher?

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:06

   Before discussing the video AV matrix switcher, let's take a look at the types of video matrices, which are divided into: VGA matrix, AV matrix, RGB matrix, and hybrid matrix according to the interface type. According to the number of interfaces can be divided into: 8 series of 8 in 2 out, 8 in 4 out, 8 in 8 out and so on.

  The AV matrix switcher is a switching device for sound and its synchronous composite video signal, that is, an audio/video switcher. As far as familiarity is concerned, the function is similar to that of the switch, which plays a controlling role. Generally, the basic functions included are character signal superposition; the decoder interface controls the pan/tilt and camera; the alarm interface; the control host, and the accessories such as the audio control box, the alarm interface box, and the control keyboard.

The role of AV matrix switcher in video conferencing system

  The signal of any one of the devices providing the signal source is sent to the display terminal of any one of the channels, and the audio and video can be synchronized or not synchronized.

  If you are not sure, you can understand the AV matrix switcher by the following aspects.

1. The AV matrix switcher is a type of device that switches the output of multiple signals. In a video conference, you can switch any of the two computer hosts to share one display or multiple displays.
2. The AV matrix switcher realizes remote monitoring of the camera screen and adjusting the camera lens to obtain more video images.
3. It is a device in a
video conferencing system. Play a role in switching and remote control in video conferencing.

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