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What is a VGA matrix switcher?

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:06

   Generally speaking, the VGA matrix switcher actually transmits one or more audio and video signals to one or more display devices. Similar to the AV matrix switcher mentioned above. The other major difference is that the categories are different. If you still don't understand it, please refer to: AV matrix switcher. It is a device of video conferencing system.

VGA matrix installation method

   Connect the VGA output terminal hd15pin (vga) connector of the signal source device to the VGA connector of the same channel through the dedicated VGA cable to the VGA matrix input (outputs); pass the VGA connector of the VGA matrix output (outputs) through the dedicated VGA Cable, connected to the VGA input of the output device.

FAQ about VGA matrix switcher

1. What signal is transmitted by the VGA matrix switcher?

   Standard VGA signal, five analog video signals per RGBHV inside.

2. What is the use of VGA matrix switcher?

   If the signals of multiple computers are to be displayed on the big screen, they must be switched. This requires a VGA matrix switcher.

3. What is the difference between VGA matrix and VIDEO matrix?

   The difference between the VGA matrix and the VIDEO matrix is that the signal is different. The model of the general computer output is VGA signal, and the VIDEO matrix is more popular.

4. What is the difference between the AV matrix, the VGA matrix, and the RGB matrix?

   Both the VGA matrix and the RGB matrix transmit VGA signals. The former can be transmitted with a VGA cable with a 15-pin VGA interface. The latter uses a BNC interface and requires 5 BNC connections for transmission. The AV matrix transmits video. The signal is very popular, the interface is the lotus head or the BNC head. There are also some differences in prices.

5. Can the VGA matrix switcher switch between multiple screens?

   The VGA matrix switcher has the function of automatically switching screens. The time can be set by itself. Multiple screens need to be used in the same display.

6. What is the role of the VGA matrix switcher?

   The front end of the VGA matrix switcher is a computer, the output is a monitor, and there is a master computer host that can control the screen of each input computer to display on the monitor.

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