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Video conference rental

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:08

Renting a video conference means not using a video conference system by itself, but using a video conference system established by the renter to make a video conference call. There are two types of common video conference rentals: one is pure network. The other is the way teleconferencing combines video conferencing. The voice quality of a pure network is affected by the network.

FAQ about renting video conferences:
1. How to charge for renting video conferences?

You only need to ask the merchant to get the price. It should be noted that some merchants offer prices as low as possible to attract users, but there may be hidden charges. This should be paid special attention.

2. Is the video conference rental safe?
For the establishment of the device itself, the security of the rental video conference seems to have more security risks. Mainly from the equipment to rent other businesses, if they want to view the data is authorized, but most of the providers are for the user's security considerations. Generally speaking, large enterprises generally establish their own video conferencing systems, which is cost-effective for small business video conferencing.

3. Which video conferencing platform is better?
Mainly consider stability, reliability, safety and so on. This problem is similar to teleconference selection: see on <How to choose a conference call>

4. The difference between video conference rental and self-built video conference lies in.
The above has already answered the question of security. The maximum cost of video conferencing is low, the operation is simple and convenient. Self-built video conferencing systems are costly, require the maintenance of specialized technicians, are highly secure, and can be completely controlled by themselves.

5. Is it cost-effective to set up a video conferencing device and rent it?
All in all, if the meeting is used frequently and the number of meetings is large, the self-built system is cost-effective. Renting and purchasing a self-built video conferencing system is the difference between paying a small amount of money and paying all at once.

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