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Conference call recording solution

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:08

The conference call recording is a recording of the content of the conference call, in preparation for the future meeting, the attendance of the conference personnel and the important content record to ensure that the content will not be missed.

Conference call recording solution

Record the content of the conference when you participate in the conference call, and record the conference content by using the conference call with recording function. For example, Eacome's conference phone with recording function includes: VoiceCrystal G2-R basic conference phone, VoiceCrystal G2-EX extended conference phone, VoiceCrystal G2-U network conference phone.

If you don't know much about how to hold a conference call, you can refer to it: How to open a conference call.

FAQ bout conference call recording

1. How to record the conference call record?Only need to plug in the SD card, there are differences between the buttons of different product buttons, generally use 4G. It can record up to 2000 hours in a row.

2. How is VoiceCrystal G2 recorded? What is the operation method?VoiceCrystal G2 only needs to plug in the SD card and press the REC button to record the recording data to the SD card.

3. The recording of the conference call is not clear?When recording a phone, it is best not to adjust the compression factor too small.

4. Can ordinary landline telephones record?                                      Generally speaking, ordinary fixed telephones do not have this function.

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