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How to secure the conference call security

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:09

Many companies will inevitably question the security of the conference call during the conference call. This is understandable. Let me analyze how the security of the conference call is guaranteed.

The security risks of conference calls come from the following aspects:

1. External illegal eavesdropping. In the case of a conference call, the company will use encryption technology. Most service providers will enter the conference by password to ensure the security of the conference call. Different ordinary telephone calls are easier to crack and eavesdrop.

2. The internal account is compromised. This requirement changes the password every time you attend the meeting to improve the security level. In addition, you can lock the participants by locking them. After the identity authentication, you can join the conference room and remind the host when someone enters the room. At present, the Eacome multi-party call platform has such a function.

3. The recorded file is leaked. This needs to be effectively managed for participants, such as signing employee confidentiality agreements.

Tip: Generally speaking, as long as you and the participants know that the password is basically not leaked.

The current conference call method is used to explain:

1. Use the conference bridge method to hold a conference call mode. Because this method is self-controlled, all of them are very high in terms of security.

2. Hold a teleconference mode through telecommunications and China Unicom. Because they support a limited number of parties, management is relatively less, and relatively safe.

3. Multi-party calling platform. Powerful to support identity authentication, easy to change passwords, and discover powerful features such as suspicious people can be immediately removed.

Tip: Overall, the conference call is very secure.

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