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The conference call service provider contains those content

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:09

For information on how to choose a service provider, please refer to: How to choose a conference call service provider. The conference call consists mainly of two parts:

Teleconferencing equipment (usually referred to as a teleconference phone) and teleconferencing service (also known as multi-party calling service) teleconference service mainly refers to the teleconference service.

In addition, the conference call service provider also includes service content, after-sales service, customer service, test service, call quality service and so on.

The conference call machine service is mainly after-sales service, generally refer to the warranty period (three years due to the warranty of the company, please refer to here after the sale:, as well as the quality of the conference call machine (This piece of Eacome has been in this industry for more than ten years and currently cooperates with domestic top 500 companies).

The main business of the conference call service:

After-sales service: Whether the main call quality can solve the problem quickly.

Customer service: It is mainly to check whether it supports fast service, such as support for 24-hour service.

Renewal notice: The main reason for the notification is the timely situation, and the purpose is not to affect the participation of the meeting.

Testing Services: This is primarily a long-term test of conference call stability.

Server stability: If the web form platform, you must provide a stable security server guarantee.

Encryption technology service: It uses reliable encryption technology.

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