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Conference call software

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:09

Teleconferencing software refers to all software except teleconferencing hardware. To put it bluntly: teleconferencing software is virtual, and hardware is a real thing.

Common teleconferencing hardware is: teleconferencing terminals (eg, teleconference phone, landlines, PHS, mobile phones, conference bridges).

Common teleconferencing software includes: teleconferencing multi-party calling platform, auxiliary software, QQ multi-party calling, Skype multi-party calling, and so on.

The main features of the conference call software:

1. The teleconferencing software can achieve hardware deficiencies, such as: software can achieve shared data and documents and other functions.

2. Support a large number of teleconferencing systems, up to 9999 square. The hardware device conference bridge can only implement medium and small number conference calls, and the hardware equipment cost increases as the number of parties increases.

3. For enterprises, teleconferencing software cannot be used alone. In general, a conference call can only be best combined with hardware devices and software.

4. The software support is powerful. Teleconferencing software support enables many functions, such as digital conferencing, voting, voting, simultaneous conferences, and more.

FAQ aboutConference Call Software:

1. Is the conference call software free?                                                                                                                                            A: For multi-party calling platforms, it is charged. The other basic is free software.

2. Is there any cheap software for multi-party conference calls?A: In addition to Skype is relatively cheap, other software is basically free, Skype is relatively unstable, and the call quality is stable. You can refer to Eacome's multi-party call platform.

3. How is the multi-party calling software for conference calls charged?A: General conference call software is charged at 0.5 yuan per party. If your conference call volume is large, you can get the appropriate discount.

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