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The difference between hardware conference call and software conference call

Issuing time:2019-10-17 23:10

   A hardware conference call is a system built using hardware teleconferencing equipment, usually consisting of a conference phone and a conference bridge. It only needs to be placed in the machine room or placed in a corner of an office. It can be placed in the same way as the switch. The meeting is completely controlled by itself. It will not go to the third party. The content of the equipment meeting is confidential and will not leak. . I want to have complete control of the meeting, call out call, password call, recording, computer control, etc., just choose. IP telephony can also be used to implement IP dialing for free conference calls. For the method of holding, please refer to how to open the conference call.

  The teleconferencing software is a third party that utilizes hardware devices such as conference bridges and then splits them for use by the user. Relatively speaking, the customer does not have to purchase multi-party calling devices. This device is purchased and purchased by the platform company, which causes a problem. When the number of platform users exceeds the number of multi-party calls on the platform, multi-party calls may not be supported. Usually, the platform company asks you to get back the meeting and needs to make an appointment. If it reaches the maximum, it will let you modify the time. On the other hand, if you really compare multiple platforms. Companies will also solve this problem by adding hardware teleconferencing equipment. For teleconferencing platform companies, they mainly charge for the platform, and the cost mainly comes from the superimposed cost of telecom, China Unicom and other platforms. We can usually see that the platform companys cost per minute is higher than that of Telecom and China Unicom, but they pass The development software implements more teleconferencing features to showcase its strengths, such as developing video, check-in, voting, and more. On the other hand, when customers meet, they encounter small sounds, intermittent sounds, and line faults. The customer is uncontrollable and needs to contact the platform vendor to solve the problem. It is relatively troublesome. The content of the meeting cannot be kept secret and is affected by the reputation of the third-party platform. Therefore, for large companies, they generally set up their own devices to solve the problem.

   In general, buying a hardware teleconferencing device is equivalent to buying a house. Using a software teleconferencing platform is equivalent to renting a house. It depends on the needs of the customer. When there are few meetings, use the platform. There are many meetings, important meetings, or docking consoles, video conferencing equipment, etc., you must establish your own multi-party hardware teleconferencing equipment. It is worth noting that the more meetings, the higher the communication costs, so I recommend using a conference call machine to access the conference call when multiple people in the conference room. One person can use the mobile phone or fixed telephone to access the conference call. This will help you save on conference call communication costs. In addition, on the one hand, the dedicated teleconferencing equipment teleconference machine can eliminate echo, noise suppression, and also has full-duplex, automatic gain control and other technologies, while mobile phones and fixed telephones are not available, so we are easy to generate when talking. Echo, in fact, we listen carefully to know that mobile communication has echoes, especially for people. Therefore, the general meeting recommends the use of a teleconferencing machine, whether it is a software teleconference or a hardware teleconference.

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