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Conference phone for simultaneous ordinary mobile phone video

Issuing time:2019-10-19 23:24

The Eacome HD Conference Phone S350 (EACOME S350) series is a full-featured conference phone that uses the internationally advanced next-generation SonicClear IV HD voice processing technology. It can be connected to a regular telephone line for conference calls, or can be connected to a video terminal/computer for video conferencing via a USB interface, or can be connected to a mobile phone via an analog audio interface for hands-free calling. More importantly, the built-in conference bridge function can The conference is mixed to hold a 4-point conference call, bridge the video conference and audio conference call, and communicate with each other. The call quality is stable and reliable, the sound quality is clear and natural, and the experience is comfortable and pleasant!

The S350 is versatile and avoids the purchase of multiple conference phones. It simplifies the complex video and audio converged communication system and makes the conference room layout simple. It is undoubtedly a multi-purpose and multi-functional conference phone terminal. A conference system with powerful and efficient collaborative office capabilities.

With four high-performance microphones and two optional extended microphones, the S350 features six completely independent voice processing channels, so the microphone captures sound at distances of up to 5 meters and features high-definition voice quality.

The S350 conference phone has an external audio device function, which connects to an external amplifier audio through an audio interface, and enhances the local broadcast sound to expand the venue range; therefore, it is ideal for medium and large conference rooms, important conference rooms and important conferences.

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