Product Detail
PSTN Conference Phone S300
Meetingroom: small to medium-sized
Model: S300
Connection: PSTN
Brand: Eacome
Technical Parameters



Eacome conference phone S300 is a professional conference terminal which used in analog telephone network, PSTN and PABX, suitable for small and medium-sized meeting rooms and private offices. Powered by the international advanced SonicClear IV HD-voice processing technology, it's contributing in conference calls that sound as natural as being there. With highly stable and reliable acoustic performance, S300 creates a more realistic and joyful experience in conference phone calls for users.

Feature Highlights:

Wide-band acoustic echo cancellation with HD-voice, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band equalization and intelligent microphone mixing.

Best for conference room within 30m' and supports 10 attendees.

4 internal uni-directional microphones gather over 3m. 360 degree range.

Support analog PBX, PSTN and analog telephone network.

Speaker volume up to 90dB, 12 levels adjustable.

LCD display with ivory white backlight.

Store rapid-dial numbers: 20 groups.

Practical and powerful phone functions: FSK and DTMF Caller-ID display, call history, redialfrapid-dial,mute, hold, flash, flexible setting functions for many users.

Technical Parameter:

Audio technology

DSP based deep echo cancellation>- 65dB,500ms.

Bi-directional noise suppression>- 18dB.

LEC>-25dB,length 32ms.


Microphone frequency response: 200Hz - 4 KHz.

Speaker frequency response: 200Hz - 4 KHz.

Microphone coverage: built-in 3 meters, 360 degree range.

Speaker Volume: up to 90 dB.

Phone Features:

4 Line LCD display with ivory white backlight.

20 keypads: Menu(4), Hands-free, Redial, Mute, Volume up/down, Hold, Flash, Alphanumerical 0-9.

Caller-ID display.

Store rapid-dial numbers: 20 groups.

Store 20 groups of incoming calls and 20 groups of outgoing calls.

LCD menu feature: Pre-stored number, Flash parameter setting, LCD bright, Settings for time and Date.

Network Interface:

RJ-11 connector

RJ-45 connector

Two RJ9 connector

DC Jack


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