Product Detail
Speakerphone M220U
Meetingroom: medium
Model: M220U
Connection: USB/POE
Brand: Eacome
Technical Parameters


●48KHz full-duplex deep echo cancellation, ultra wide-band HD voice technology, intelligent microphone mixing, dynamic noise suppression. Zero damage or compression in all frequency domain of human voice, it dedicates high-fidelity audio system.

● Best for conference room within 60-70 and supports within 30 attendees.

● 3 internal uni-directional microphone arrays, 8 meters of 360-degree microphone pickup range.

● Supports USB, 3.5mm Line IN/OUT connection.

● Supports POE and the Ethernet cable can be over 50 meters.

● Supports software video conferencing, software web-conferencing, video terminal and UC communication.

● The echo cancellation function can be turned off, the multi-channel microphone is output to the external video

terminal or PC by intelligent selection and noise reduction.

● Supports advanced multistage chaining.

Technical parameters

Full-duplex deep echo cancellation(AEC)> 65dB, 400ms

● Bi-directional noise compression> 18dB.

● Intelligent automatic direction of microphone(EMI).

Automatic gain control(AGC)

● Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz.

● Internal microphone pickup range: 8 meters, 360-degree

Network Interface

Two POE (RJ-45) connector

Environment and Specification

Reverberation Time: < 0.5s.

Noise Degree: < - 48 dBA.

Power Requirement: 12V/500mA

Working Temperature: 5℃-40℃(running).

Storage Temperature: 0℃-70℃.

Humidity: 20%-85%.

Application case

Video/Audio conference

Meeting recording

Course recording and remote education

Speech recognition

Medical field application

Safety monitoring

Operating systems supports

Win7, Win 10, Win XP, Vista, Linux, Apple iOS,

Android OS

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