Product Detail

Speakerphone SV11W

Meetingroom small
Model SV11W
Connection Wireless/USB
Brand Eacome
Technical Parameters

Eacome SV11 Series

Exquisite and small, Sound clarity

Speakerphone for individual, small group use. The SV11 connect to PC for rich, full-duplex audio communications and can be used with VoIP softphones, web collaboration, instant messaging and any other applications requiring two-way audio via USB. A perfect addition to the office or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration.

2.4g wireless speakerphone SV11W. The powerful feature of this product lies in its wireless connection function. It not only can through the USB cable to connect to other communications terminal, also can through the wireless adapter connected to communication terminal, this feature work can well solve the problem of the wiring and trival, it has a good echo feature, microphone distance to 3 meters, suitable for small professional meeting rooms within 15 square meters of occasions and personal office. At the same time, the product is also suitable for remote interactive teaching and students online homework.

2.4g wireless speakerphone SV11W, it can be connected to the PC for unobstructed full-duplex voice calls, adaptive to 16 KHZ full-duplex echo offset, automatically adapted to the different voice bandwidth of audio and video products and systems, sound very comfortable, can support the video equipment, voip, UC (unified communications and instant communication software, implementation and convenient Internet cta office, enhances the working efficiency of the meeting and, at the same time is also a cost-effective audio conferencing system configuration. The product is exquisite and small, with a special package for carrying, easy to carry, but also suitable for private travel.

Key Features

support 2.4 G wireless capabilities, which can be connected to other video terminal through wireless, easily implement wireless voice telephone, wireless receiving distance up to 15m

Support USB communication, support for video conferencing terminals, multimedia communication terminal

Support full duplex echo, dynamic noise suppression and speech processing technology such as automatic gain control

Built-in microphone 360 ° all-around pickup, pickup radius 3m

Support software video conference, all kinds of web conferencing software, UC (unified communications

Support Zoom, huawei cloud, along with the sharp attention, good vision, Webex, Aver, Bizconf, Skype voice broadcast system, offering a wide range of excellent video conference platform speaker volume is big, can reach more than 80 db system

Support: Windows and MacOSX, Android

Humanized indicator light display design, indicating a clear state

Built-in 1000 ma lithium batteries, continuously available 4 hours, 5 days long standby Support the speaker output signal through the 3.5 mm interface, connect to the external mixer and a sound system, Local amplification is realized to meet the need of larger meeting field

Technical Parameter


Echo Cancellation

Noise Suppression

Automatic gain control

Network Interface

USB Mciro type


Microphone frequency response:100Hz-7KHz

Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-22 Khz

Microphone coverage: 3meters, 360 degree range

Speaker Volume: up to 80dB

System Requirements

WinXP,Win7/Win8/Win10,Mac OSX,Android

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